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of iron

VGolf brings golf indoors as you’ve never experienced it before.


at your own pace

At VGolf, you don’t have to worry about staying behind that slow group in front of you or being pushed by the group behind you. You determine the speed of play. Playing golf on our simulators is very much like playing outdoors. You use your own clubs (or use our rentals) and hit all the shots you do when you play a real course – drive, iron shots (from fairways, rough, and bunkers), chip, pitch, and even putt.


You can tee it up at some of the most famous courses worldwide from the comforts of VGolf. Our courses span the globe from Long Island, New York to Tokyo, Japan


Can you really say how far you hit that 7 iron after a bucket of balls at the range? After every shot you hit in our simulators, you’ll get instant data points including distance, club head speed, launch angle, and swing path.

VGolf’s state of the art indoor golf simulators offer players unparalleled accuracy and realism. Through a combination of camera systems, infrared lasers, impacts sensors and advanced gaming software.


Every season is now golf season. It’s always sunny and 70 degrees at VGolf. Whether there’s a Typhoon in the forecast or threat of heatstroke outside, the weather’s always right indoors. The relaxed, welcoming atmosphere makes it perfect for players of all ages. It’s fun for golfers of all levels regardless of your ability. Take your pick of playing the most desired courses in the world, practice on the range or just enjoy some golf games with the kids!

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